How much happiness can we carry? - FIFA World Cup

How much happiness can we carry? That is the question. For this question, I want to think through, and act for it.

I love soccer more than any other sports. In FIFA World Cup, when I see Diego Maradona hustling and directing on the pitch, I could feel that he always do his best, and enjoying the every single moments of his life. Showing his surging passion on soccer, Maradona must have the great happiness than any others.

As if proving the existence of the self, coach and the players desperately try to do their own best. Toward the high which you've never seen, and even try to get higher, the players show the whole faces of happiness of life. The chain of the happiness of life creates the touching aspect of soccer as a team play.

Yesterday, Japan lost against Paraguay, but Japan showed their best without doubt. The wall of the world class soccer is still thick and high, but Japan gained the experience of world class soccer. Congratulations, and thank you!

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