Tonight is the opening of Muneteru Ujino's Solo exhibition "Duet" at PSM Gallery in Berlin. 

I contributed two essays for this exhibition.

"Ujino’s “Radio Activity” – A Parallel History of the Material Culture of 20th Century Japan"

"On Ujino’s 'Duet' – The Reality of Imaginary Existence in Japanese Tradition" 

His new video work "Radio Activity" was created as a reaction of the incident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, which has a parallel history of the development of transistor technology in Japan. Made-in-Japan transistor radios captures worldwide short wave radio broadcasting, and orchestrate the twilight of 20th century material culture.  


After Fukushima and Taro Okamoto Exhibition Review

Recently, I contributed two articles, for Artinfo and Japan Times. One is on the incident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant and the reaction of art world, and the other one is a review on Taro Okamoto exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo. So please take a look. Thanks.

"After Fukushima: How Art Can Again Help Japan Find Its Way"

"There are oppositions that attract"
Review on Taro Okamoto exhibition
By SHINYA WATANABE. Special to The Japan Times


Shinya Watanabe Official Website is Now Open

I renewed my website, "shinyawatanabe.net". On this site, I will post my new articles and curatorial related activities. Check it out!



Two Art Reviews for Japan Times

Recently, I contributed some art exhibition reviews for Japan Times. You can read the whole articles on the website below. Enjoy!

Japanese art has come a long way: a curator's top five 2010 exhibitions

Aki Sasamoto: Strange Attractors


Happy New Year 2011

For me, year 2010 became the year of change. After moving out from NY, I left my position at the cultural foundation of Tokyo, and became back to independent curator again. Through this process, I could recognize lots of things, such as structural problems of Japanese institutions, and the activities which I should focus on.

I would like to make the year of 2011 for the kick-start year of my long-term research and curatorial project called Eurasia (Euro-Asia=Eur-Asia). About the activities, I would like to introduce this blog also.

I wish year 2011 will be a wonderful year for all people in the world.


Shinya Watanabe


Looking for a temporary working space 1/4~2/12 - 2011 Tokyo

Rome Prize winning architect Thomas Tsang is looking for a temporary space for the workshop of his students of RISD in Tokyo. If you know any nice place for them, please contact them directly.


From Thomas Tsang:

Seeking Temporary Workshop in Tokyo for Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Looking for a temporary working space between 1/4~2/12 - 2011

To accomodate19 students from RISD doing research on Tsukiji for design studio workshop.
Students from various discipline including painter, photographer, textile designer, apparel designer, industrial designer, graphic designer and architects.

500~750 sqft of space the students can use for three weeks during the winter.

Please let me know any lead to help my friend Junichi Satoh, as he have been outside of Japan for many decades.

Junichi Satoh


Tokyo Wonder Site: Research Residency Program 2011

Tokyo Wonder Site started to announce the Research Residency Program. Please take a look if you are interested in.

Calling of the Research Residency Program 2011

Tokyo Wonder Site is calling for both international and local creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based in Tokyo.
Please apply to stay at TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence taking advantage of
the Research Residency Program.

■Residency Period (Subject to change):
About 2 months from the beginning of April 2011 to the end of August, 2011

Creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based in Tokyo more than 30 days.

■Application period:
From 1 September (Wed) to 31 October (Sun), 2010

■Application Outline and Form:
Please download the Application Package from the following URL;


E-MAIL: residence2010@tokyo-ws.org
* Please make inquiries by email no later than 3 October (Sun) 2010. We will send back FAQ on 9 October (Sat) 2010.