Moscow and Yerevan Photo Diary

Moscow recorded the highest temperature in her modern history. The air of Moscow was very foggy, and even hard to breath.

One of the icon of Eastern Orthodox, which looks like Mandara

Eastern Cross in an old church

In the national museum, I found interesting pottery, which looks like Japanese Jomon pottery


I was too late to say hi to Lenin. It closes at 1PM!

When I was walking on the street, a window glass fell just in front of me from the 5th floor of the apartment. Because of high temperature, everyone keep their windows open. Anyway, it was a way too dangerous, and I felt I was not welcomed in Moscow (I could be seriously injured if I walk 2 second earlier)

Main market street of Moscow

Subway in Moscow is so deep!

I flew from Moscow to Yerevan, Armenia

An Aquarius statue in Armenian zodiac

I visited the studio of Ara Haytayan

Ara welcomed me with his family

Children's graffiti in Armenia, it reminds me the one in Brassai, and also Japanese children's game.

Illumination of the fountain at the Republic square

Blue Mosque in Yerevan, one of the rare mosque in Yerevan

View of the old Market

Sergei Parajanov Museum

Excellent collages on La Gioconda

Parajanov’s drawing while he was in jail

Opening at Modern Art Museum

I visited the ruin of old city

I found the pottery with water line figure

Genocide Memorial on the top of the hill

Oldest Armenian Church built in 318AD

Cupola was an invention of Armenian