Looking for a temporary working space 1/4~2/12 - 2011 Tokyo

Rome Prize winning architect Thomas Tsang is looking for a temporary space for the workshop of his students of RISD in Tokyo. If you know any nice place for them, please contact them directly.


From Thomas Tsang:

Seeking Temporary Workshop in Tokyo for Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Looking for a temporary working space between 1/4~2/12 - 2011

To accomodate19 students from RISD doing research on Tsukiji for design studio workshop.
Students from various discipline including painter, photographer, textile designer, apparel designer, industrial designer, graphic designer and architects.

500~750 sqft of space the students can use for three weeks during the winter.

Please let me know any lead to help my friend Junichi Satoh, as he have been outside of Japan for many decades.

Junichi Satoh


Tokyo Wonder Site: Research Residency Program 2011

Tokyo Wonder Site started to announce the Research Residency Program. Please take a look if you are interested in.

Calling of the Research Residency Program 2011

Tokyo Wonder Site is calling for both international and local creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based in Tokyo.
Please apply to stay at TWS Aoyama: Creator-in-Residence taking advantage of
the Research Residency Program.

■Residency Period (Subject to change):
About 2 months from the beginning of April 2011 to the end of August, 2011

Creators who are planning to undergo cultural study or research based in Tokyo more than 30 days.

■Application period:
From 1 September (Wed) to 31 October (Sun), 2010

■Application Outline and Form:
Please download the Application Package from the following URL;


E-MAIL: residence2010@tokyo-ws.org
* Please make inquiries by email no later than 3 October (Sun) 2010. We will send back FAQ on 9 October (Sat) 2010.


"The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm

I finished reading "The Art of Loving" by Erich Fromm, a classical book on love which has been translated into 28 languages.

I this book, From says, "Mature love is union under the condition of preserving one's integrity, one's individuality." By quoting Spinoza, Fromm discusses the differentiation of the affects; between active and passive, "actions" and "passions."

Infantile love follows the principle; "I love because I am loved." Mature love follows the principle: "I am loved because I love." Immature love says: "I love you because I need you." Mature love says: "I need you because I love you."

This statement of Fromm is very clear, and follows perfectly on the logic of Spinoza.

"In erotic love, two people who were separate become one. In motherly love, two people who were one become separate. The mother must not only tolerate, she must wish and support the child's separation."

Fromm also points out that Paradoxical logic in China and India such as "I am the two, the life force and the life material, the two at once" in Rig-Veda leads to the conclusion that the love of God is neither the knowledge of God in thought, nor the thought of one's love of God, but the act of experiencing the oneness with God. This statement of Fromm reminds me Heidegger's "In-der-welt-sein".

"Love for God cannot be separated from the love for one's parents."
"Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."

If there are any of you who want to know more about love in logical sense, I highly recommend you to read this book.


Now, Japan is in Civil War! - Dismissal of Muneo Suzuki's Final Appeal

Yesterday, Supreme Court dismissed the final appeal of Muneo Suzuki, the chairperson of foreign affairs in Japan’s House of Representatives.

The sentence of two years in prison will be shortly announced, then Mr. Suzuki will be imprisoned. Strangely, this unfair dismissal was happened one day before Ichiro Ozawa's speech in Sapporo, hometown of Muneo Suzuki and he was planning to attend for support.

As Masaru Sato, a Russian affairs expert who worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, points out, one of the present judges of Supreme Court is Mr. Yukio Takeuchi. Takeuchi was the then Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs who has been active for anti-Muneo Suzuki campaign in 2002, while Muneo Suzuki was in charge for the return of northern territory with Russia. From here, we can easily read that this is retaliation by the conspiracy of the Supreme Court and the bureaucrats of Foreign Affairs. At the point of appointing the personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who doesn't pass the National Bar Examination and act extremely politically, Japanese Supreme Court has been away from the principle of separation of the three branches.

Mr. Yukio Takeuchi was the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs who promoted dispatching the Japan’s Self-Defense Force to Iraq. The first case when the high-ranking officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs was appointed to the judge of the Supreme Court was Takezo Shimoda in 1971, who was the undersecretary of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the former Japanese Ambassador in the United States. However, what on earth does it mean that former Japanese Ambassador in the U.S. and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs had been appointed to the judges of Supreme Court in Japan?

In the entry of September 7th, I wrote about the relationships about Liberal Democratic Party, Japan-US Security Treaty and the CIA Fund, but today, I would like to write about the history of Japanese court and the American rule.

While then Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi had been preparing the new Japan-US Security Treaty with President Eisenhower right before 1960, the compulsory measurement for the expansion of the U.S. military base was acted in Sunagawa-cho, Tachikawa City. The workers and the students who opposed this forced measurement break the fence of the U.S. Military base, and many of them who were suspected as entering the base for several meters were arrested. About this case, Tokyo District Court delivered the sentence, "Japan-US Security Treaty is unconstitutional, so all defendants are innocent." (Date Sentence) It was happened in 1959, one year before the 1960 Japan-US Security Treaty Struggle.(60-nen ampo)

Douglas MacArthur II, the then US Ambassador and the son of the Supreme Commander of GHQ, thought that this sentence will be a serious trouble for the revision of the security treaty, and made political pressures on the Japanese government including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kotaro Tanaka, the then Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Within 8 months of discussion, "Japan-US Security Treaty" was approved as constitutional, and these defendants’s guiltiness was decided. (It was in April 2010 that the Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs admit the existence of "Related Document", and opened the document to the public; the conference between then Foreign Minister Fujiyama and the Ambassador Douglas MacArthur II which was held in April, 1959.)

In 1994, New York Times reported on the front page that CIA commit millions of dollars wide-range secret maneuvering against Japan in the 1950-60's, centering Liberal-Democratic Party of Japan.

The contents are such as CIA approved then Prime Minister Eisaku Sato's request of secret fund to the U.S. Ambassador in Japan for 1958 general election campaign, and since then, this kind of secret fund to the Liberal Democratic Party became routine, and afterwards occupied an important role of American diplomacy toward Japan. Also CIA sneaked into Japan's Socialist Party and the student and the workers union activism. After 1970s, they acquired the supports of LDP cabinet members and all kind of ministries, therefore they could know Japan's attitude before the negotiation about trade friction starts. In addition, the part of this secret maneuvering money is created by the profit that OSS, the antecedent of CIA, together with the groups of Japanese war criminals including Fujio Kodama, smuggled the tungsten which was kept by former Japanese military, and sold to the U.S. Department of Defense.

On the back of the reality why the former Foreign Secretary such as Japanese Ambassador in the U.S. and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs who promoted Iraq War were appointed to the judge of Japanese Supreme Court, there is the will of the United States that tries to control the constitutionality of Japan-U.S. Security Treaty and the justification of Iraq War, and currently Japan subordinate to this will.

Then, the reason why the appeal of Muneo Suzuki to the Supreme Court was dismissed and the imprisonment was decided in this timing is, if Ozawa's becomes the Prime Minister and promoting Suzuki at the important position of diplomacy, Northern Territories issue will be solved, and Japan and Russia became close, which is a disadvantage for the United States. Therefore, the United States are challenging the final war, by using the Japanese agents of the United States in Japan, such as prosecutors, bureaucrat, and mass media.

Now, Japan is in Civil War!

Considering the age of judges and the term, Nonconfidence system in the Supreme Court is malfunctioning. The important thing is make the Cabinet function which appoint the judges.

To end the period so called "Post-War" and "55-Year System" is not only our right, and our obligation to realize the real democracy of Japan.

Don't be puzzled by the mass media. Let's achieve our vision for our own bright future!


Yanagi Yukinori Artist Book "Inujima Note" Publication Event

Yanagi Yukinori's bilingual artist book "Inujima Note" which I helped editing will be on sale from September 10th. The publication event will be held on September 10th at NADiff APART in Ebisu, and on September 11th, the memorial exhibition "AMERICA" will be held at Miyake Fine Art. Please stop by!

Yukinori Yanagi
"Inujima Note"
ISBN 978-4-9903847-2-2
128 pages, full color, J/E billingual
Price: 3,360 JPY (Tax included)
Published by Miyake Fine Art

September 10th from 7PM-
Talk Show at NADiff Apart in Ebisu

September 11th, 5-7PM: Yanagi Yukinori Solo Exhibition "AMERICA" at Miyake Fine Art

The True Termination of the 55-System and the New Dawn of Japan

As the September 14th election for the representative of Democratic Party (in other word, the selection of Japan’s next prime minister) is approaching, the criticism of major Japanese media such as newspapers and TVs on the candidate Ichiro Ozawa became horrifying. These attacks on Mr. Ozawa by these major media have been severe already, but in this time, it became full scale to crush him completely.

As many of independents media point out, the difference of the public-opinion poll hosted by newspapers and internet media became abnormal. In a nationwide public-opinion poll executed by telephone on September 3rd to 5th led by the Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper) which is the forerunner of anti-Ozawa campaign shows that the percentage of those who thinks that the current Prime Minister Naoto Kan is suitable for the Democratic Party representative for the upcoming election is 66%, compare to the 18% of Ichiro Ozawa, the former chief secretary of Democratic Party. In addition, supporting Mr. Kan who insists on the correction of the Democratic Party’s Manifesto according to the situation is 71%, on the other hand supporting Mr. Ozawa who tries to achieve the Manifest for last year's House of Representatives election is 17%.

However, mysteriously, the public-opinion poll on the Internet hosted by the same newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun shows, not only the position of Ozawa and Kan rotates, but Ozawa gets even more supports such as below.

【 question 】 In the round-table discussion, about the Manifesto of 2009 for the House of Representatives, Naoto Kan has been taking the standpoint of possible correction. On the other hand, Ichiro Ozawa commented "do our best" to realize the Manifesto. Which policy do you support?

【 poll results 】Kan:13% Ozawa:87%

Probably the public-opinion poll of the Yomiuri Shimbun has been created by calling the reader of Yomiuri Newspaper who agrees to criticize "Ozawa as a bad politician," and broadcast the result which is only good for its own conservative newspaper. Otherwise, it is not able to explain this huge difference, and this is obviously the manipulation of public opinion.

Now, we are witnessing the complete swipe out of the 55-System (J:55-nen taisei) created in postwar Japan. That is, the gradual end of the United States rule after the World War II, and the end of the Kisha Club (press club) that has manipulated post-war Japan’s public opinion.

When right and left Socialist Party reunified and became the largest party in 1955, the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party also united under the financial support of CIA which tries to realize the anti-communist policy, and it became the birth of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan. The first chief secretary of LDP is the former suspect of Class A War Criminal Nobusuke Kishi, and later when he became the prime minister of Japan, he steamrolled the Japan-US Security Treaty in 1960, and since then, the status quo (so called "sengo" (post-war)) has continued.

Through the information disclosure of the United States National Archives and Records, Tetsuo Arima, the professor of Waseda University, proofed that when Matsutaro Shoriki, the owner of the Yomiuri Shimbun and Nippon Television Network Corporation which are the leaders of anti-Ozawa campaign, became not prosecuted and released from Sugamo Prison, he agreed to follow the policy of the CIA.

I can imagine that the member of LDP, media, and even Japanese citizens do not want to accept the reality, such as GHQ and CIA created the basis of controlling post-war Japan, and the Japanese agents who were bribed by the USA sold the capital, independence, and even the security of Japan.

However, after the end of Cold War, the LDP which followed the instruction of the “Annual Reform Recommendation from the Government of the United States to the Government of Japan” has been collapsed, only the Japan-US Security Treaty has been left. Japan is now in crisis, but at the same time, they are having the biggest chance to change.

The Kan Cabinet is currently preparing the “Joint Statement of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee” prior to the President Obama's visit to Japan in November 2010, and this declaration will include the sentence about China as a common security threats for the first time, but this is becoming nothing productive for Japan.

When then Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka who re-established the diplomatic relationship between China (that was the long time dream of Japan after WWII), he was plotted a downfall by the scandal of Lockheed corporation led by the Republican Party of the United States. Ichiro Ozawa who is a student of Kakuei Tanaka will try to do some action to realize the soft landing of this military alliance with the United States, which the U.S. conservative politicians afraid the most. Ozawa's past comments that the U.S. 7th fleet is enough to protect Far East shows one of his characteristics, and the USA which afraid to lose the military alliance with Japan is doing the final attack on Ozawa by using Japanese media and Kisha Club, which is on the verge of dissolution by the scandal of classified diplomatic fund.

I do not necessarily think that Ichiro Ozawa is a clean politician. However, are there any politicians better than Ichiro Ozawa, while the whole nation of Japan is now on the verge of life-and-death crises?

Now, Japanese citizens are required to make a cool judgment with warm heart. Let's remember that people who broke the Berlin Wall from the East Side were the civilians. The newspaper readers should resigns the subscription of these newspapers, and the person who works for these media need to show their spirit as a journalist, and change the company from inside.

Yes, for the true termination of 55-system, and the dawn of Japanese future.


Moscow and Yerevan Photo Diary

Moscow recorded the highest temperature in her modern history. The air of Moscow was very foggy, and even hard to breath.

One of the icon of Eastern Orthodox, which looks like Mandara

Eastern Cross in an old church

In the national museum, I found interesting pottery, which looks like Japanese Jomon pottery


I was too late to say hi to Lenin. It closes at 1PM!

When I was walking on the street, a window glass fell just in front of me from the 5th floor of the apartment. Because of high temperature, everyone keep their windows open. Anyway, it was a way too dangerous, and I felt I was not welcomed in Moscow (I could be seriously injured if I walk 2 second earlier)

Main market street of Moscow

Subway in Moscow is so deep!

I flew from Moscow to Yerevan, Armenia

An Aquarius statue in Armenian zodiac

I visited the studio of Ara Haytayan

Ara welcomed me with his family

Children's graffiti in Armenia, it reminds me the one in Brassai, and also Japanese children's game.

Illumination of the fountain at the Republic square

Blue Mosque in Yerevan, one of the rare mosque in Yerevan

View of the old Market

Sergei Parajanov Museum

Excellent collages on La Gioconda

Parajanov’s drawing while he was in jail

Opening at Modern Art Museum

I visited the ruin of old city

I found the pottery with water line figure

Genocide Memorial on the top of the hill

Oldest Armenian Church built in 318AD

Cupola was an invention of Armenian


Berlin Photo Diary

Day 1

Meet up with Biliana, my former collague in NY

Carsten Nicholai's "autoR" at Temporare

Final installation of Temporare by John Bock

Run into Kota Ezawa by chance

Excellent installation by Yinka Shonibare

Berlin Biennale in Kreuzberg
What is waiting out there
by Katrin Rhomberg

and dinner with Shimabuku

Day 2

Installation at Alte Nationalgalerie

Adolph Menzel's Extreme Realism curated by Michael Fried

Studio visit of Kota Ezawa
Kota ordered 1000g Eiswein for lunch!

Berlin Biennale at Kunstwerke
Installation by Petrit Halilaj

Powerful video installation by Mark Boulos

Visiting Tachles

visiting Japanese art exhibition at Bethanien with Manabi Murata

visiting Bunker exhibition with Hannah from Galerie Metro

Installations by art students including some from Olafur Eliasson's class

Beautiful Sunset on the bridge in Kreuzberg

Day 3


Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Visiting Olafur Eliasson's exhibition with Yusaku Imamura

Studio visit of Nina and Torsen Roemer

and cocktail with Shimabuku

Day 4

Visiting Christoph Tannert at Bethanian

With Shiro Masuyama and his friends