Two Art Reviews for Japan Times

Recently, I contributed some art exhibition reviews for Japan Times. You can read the whole articles on the website below. Enjoy!

Japanese art has come a long way: a curator's top five 2010 exhibitions

Aki Sasamoto: Strange Attractors


Happy New Year 2011

For me, year 2010 became the year of change. After moving out from NY, I left my position at the cultural foundation of Tokyo, and became back to independent curator again. Through this process, I could recognize lots of things, such as structural problems of Japanese institutions, and the activities which I should focus on.

I would like to make the year of 2011 for the kick-start year of my long-term research and curatorial project called Eurasia (Euro-Asia=Eur-Asia). About the activities, I would like to introduce this blog also.

I wish year 2011 will be a wonderful year for all people in the world.


Shinya Watanabe