Looking for a temporary working space 1/4~2/12 - 2011 Tokyo

Rome Prize winning architect Thomas Tsang is looking for a temporary space for the workshop of his students of RISD in Tokyo. If you know any nice place for them, please contact them directly.


From Thomas Tsang:

Seeking Temporary Workshop in Tokyo for Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

Looking for a temporary working space between 1/4~2/12 - 2011

To accomodate19 students from RISD doing research on Tsukiji for design studio workshop.
Students from various discipline including painter, photographer, textile designer, apparel designer, industrial designer, graphic designer and architects.

500~750 sqft of space the students can use for three weeks during the winter.

Please let me know any lead to help my friend Junichi Satoh, as he have been outside of Japan for many decades.

Junichi Satoh