The True Termination of the 55-System and the New Dawn of Japan

As the September 14th election for the representative of Democratic Party (in other word, the selection of Japan’s next prime minister) is approaching, the criticism of major Japanese media such as newspapers and TVs on the candidate Ichiro Ozawa became horrifying. These attacks on Mr. Ozawa by these major media have been severe already, but in this time, it became full scale to crush him completely.

As many of independents media point out, the difference of the public-opinion poll hosted by newspapers and internet media became abnormal. In a nationwide public-opinion poll executed by telephone on September 3rd to 5th led by the Yomiuri Shimbun (newspaper) which is the forerunner of anti-Ozawa campaign shows that the percentage of those who thinks that the current Prime Minister Naoto Kan is suitable for the Democratic Party representative for the upcoming election is 66%, compare to the 18% of Ichiro Ozawa, the former chief secretary of Democratic Party. In addition, supporting Mr. Kan who insists on the correction of the Democratic Party’s Manifesto according to the situation is 71%, on the other hand supporting Mr. Ozawa who tries to achieve the Manifest for last year's House of Representatives election is 17%.

However, mysteriously, the public-opinion poll on the Internet hosted by the same newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun shows, not only the position of Ozawa and Kan rotates, but Ozawa gets even more supports such as below.

【 question 】 In the round-table discussion, about the Manifesto of 2009 for the House of Representatives, Naoto Kan has been taking the standpoint of possible correction. On the other hand, Ichiro Ozawa commented "do our best" to realize the Manifesto. Which policy do you support?

【 poll results 】Kan:13% Ozawa:87%

Probably the public-opinion poll of the Yomiuri Shimbun has been created by calling the reader of Yomiuri Newspaper who agrees to criticize "Ozawa as a bad politician," and broadcast the result which is only good for its own conservative newspaper. Otherwise, it is not able to explain this huge difference, and this is obviously the manipulation of public opinion.

Now, we are witnessing the complete swipe out of the 55-System (J:55-nen taisei) created in postwar Japan. That is, the gradual end of the United States rule after the World War II, and the end of the Kisha Club (press club) that has manipulated post-war Japan’s public opinion.

When right and left Socialist Party reunified and became the largest party in 1955, the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party also united under the financial support of CIA which tries to realize the anti-communist policy, and it became the birth of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Japan. The first chief secretary of LDP is the former suspect of Class A War Criminal Nobusuke Kishi, and later when he became the prime minister of Japan, he steamrolled the Japan-US Security Treaty in 1960, and since then, the status quo (so called "sengo" (post-war)) has continued.

Through the information disclosure of the United States National Archives and Records, Tetsuo Arima, the professor of Waseda University, proofed that when Matsutaro Shoriki, the owner of the Yomiuri Shimbun and Nippon Television Network Corporation which are the leaders of anti-Ozawa campaign, became not prosecuted and released from Sugamo Prison, he agreed to follow the policy of the CIA.

I can imagine that the member of LDP, media, and even Japanese citizens do not want to accept the reality, such as GHQ and CIA created the basis of controlling post-war Japan, and the Japanese agents who were bribed by the USA sold the capital, independence, and even the security of Japan.

However, after the end of Cold War, the LDP which followed the instruction of the “Annual Reform Recommendation from the Government of the United States to the Government of Japan” has been collapsed, only the Japan-US Security Treaty has been left. Japan is now in crisis, but at the same time, they are having the biggest chance to change.

The Kan Cabinet is currently preparing the “Joint Statement of the U.S.-Japan Security Consultative Committee” prior to the President Obama's visit to Japan in November 2010, and this declaration will include the sentence about China as a common security threats for the first time, but this is becoming nothing productive for Japan.

When then Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka who re-established the diplomatic relationship between China (that was the long time dream of Japan after WWII), he was plotted a downfall by the scandal of Lockheed corporation led by the Republican Party of the United States. Ichiro Ozawa who is a student of Kakuei Tanaka will try to do some action to realize the soft landing of this military alliance with the United States, which the U.S. conservative politicians afraid the most. Ozawa's past comments that the U.S. 7th fleet is enough to protect Far East shows one of his characteristics, and the USA which afraid to lose the military alliance with Japan is doing the final attack on Ozawa by using Japanese media and Kisha Club, which is on the verge of dissolution by the scandal of classified diplomatic fund.

I do not necessarily think that Ichiro Ozawa is a clean politician. However, are there any politicians better than Ichiro Ozawa, while the whole nation of Japan is now on the verge of life-and-death crises?

Now, Japanese citizens are required to make a cool judgment with warm heart. Let's remember that people who broke the Berlin Wall from the East Side were the civilians. The newspaper readers should resigns the subscription of these newspapers, and the person who works for these media need to show their spirit as a journalist, and change the company from inside.

Yes, for the true termination of 55-system, and the dawn of Japanese future.

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  1. I completely agree with this article.
    Hoped that people would have read this and realized this manipulation before the election.
    I even voted for Ozawa on the net survey.

    The issue is not about whether a politician is clean or not, but about if he has an efficient ability to lead this country with his vision and ambition.

    Ahhh damn that Kan won...
    People are half asleep here.