"Communicating the Nation" by communicating the nation

Yesterday, I received a book which was published by University of Gotenburg in Sweden. Edited by Anna Roosvall & Inka Salovaara-Moring, the book "Communicating the Nation" investigates the plural national logics of interpreting the politics, sports, cultural events and more.

Through her research on the issue of the nation-state, Anna visited my website “Another Expo – Beyond the Nation-States” which I curated 5 years ago. Then, Ana and Inka became interested in the art work “Remote Control”, and asked me who the artist is, and whether she can use this image for the upcoming publication or not. So I asked the permission to the artist Nebojsa Seric Shoba from Sarajevo, and then he kindly allowed them for the usage of his art work for the publication. This is, literally, such a good example of “Communicating the nation” between Sweden, Japan and Bosnia-Herzegovina/Yugoslavia.

I am simply happy that even 5 years after the exhibition, some people become aware of my curatorial exhibition and the art works which I exhibited. As long as the art work deals with some universal issues, if these art works get old, these conceptual works reach broader audience for a long period of time, I believe. I want to keep communicating the nation to find the new horizon of parrhesia.

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